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Other sources of income


(See the section 'Starting Work' for more details).

Balancing your time between study, recreation, rest and a job is obviously important. Get it right, and your health, success, fun and income can be fully enjoyed. Getting it wrong can make studenthood a misery, so organise your time well! Some people find a "work first, play after" approach effective, and others thrive on deadlines. How do you work, and could changing your work habits help you?

Most students will need to earn money during their time at college or university. Plan ahead so that busy studying times (before and during exams, for example) are not overloaded with job commitments as well. When working out your budget, be aware that it may not be possible to work for money all year round!

Holiday and part-time jobs

Wages from a holiday job are taxable, but only if they bring your total income for the whole of the tax year to more than the basic personal tax allowance (£5,435 from April 2008, £6,035 as proposed from September 2008).

If your income is likely to be below that level, you should mention this to your employer, and ask for Inland Revenue form P38(s). Once you have completed the form and handed it back to your employer, you should be paid without any tax being deducted.

Special circumstances

You may be able to apply to your LEA for extra help in special circumstances, such as if you:

  • are disabled;
  • have dependants, including lone parents;
  • have to incur excess travel costs;
  • were previously in care.

Emergency loans

If you are in real financial difficulty, you can apply at your college for additional help through Access Funds and Hardship Loans. They can be used to help with living expenses and course costs.

Access Funds are usually paid as a grant. Hardship loans are added to the student loan, and you repay them in the same way at the end of your course.

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