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Giving to charity

96% of 16–25 year olds say they will give either time or money (or both) to charity in the future (CAF Research 2002).

So let's assume you're here because you're one of the majority…

Take control: get the satisfaction

Let's face it, everyone only has a certain amount they can afford to give away.

If you make a decision about what causes you are going to support, and how much you will put their way, then you're much less likely to feel guilty or embarrassed when people ask you for money.

Take control. Say 'yes' to some and 'sorry' to others; you have to do that anyway and this way you get more satisfaction. After all it's your choice.

How to decide

For all we might want to change the world, we can only do our own bit. But that's how the world gets changed.

Regular planned giving helps charities budget and plan long-term responses to the issues they work for. It also usually means that you do the bit of paperwork once and get tax back on what you give every time.

How to give

If you want to sort it now, there's a few different things you can do. Find a database of charities and see if the issue you care about is on it. One such database is available on the G-Nation website (see 'Contacts').

You can nearly always set up a donation online.

Claiming back tax

Gift Aid

If you're a UK tax payer you can fill in the gift aid section of the form when you sign up to donate money. This will bring another 28% on top of your donation to the charity when they claim the tax back.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is when your company has a method of paying through their salary system. You say who it is you want to give to and then you get your salary minus that amount. This means that the charity can get all the tax back automatically.

Other ways

There are other ways to give tax-effectively if you happen to have other sources of income. Check out for details.


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