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What kinds of jobs are there?

These terms are used to describe different ways of working.

  • permanent job

    A job that has no fixed end date.

  • temporary job

    A job that is done for a short or uncertain period. (e.g. 4 months or until not required anymore).

  • seasonal job

    A job that is only for available for particular time of the year (for example, a beach lifeguard in summer).

  • apprenticeship

    Work that is done as waged employee, or as a trainee with a training allowance (further information from your local Careers or Connexions Service offices). Try DirectGov for more about apprenticeships

  • volunteering

    Working unpaid. This is useful for gaining experience and learning new skills. It looks good on your CV.
    Try Timebank for more about volunteering

  • internship

    Any official or formal programme to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession.

  • full-time

    A 'full-time job' is for the whole working week (e.g. Monday–Friday, 9.00am–5.00pm) as a full member of staff.

  • part-time

    A 'part-time job' is usually permanent, but only for a part of the working week, such as 'evenings only' or '0.5' (half of the week).

  • self-employed

    You are self-employed if you are responsible for making your own money and work for yourself.

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