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Laura's Big Day

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Laura's just left school and got her first job with a local company. She quickly discovers that she doesn't have as much income as she thought she would, due to tax being deducted.


  • To introduce students to the idea of taxation from an employee’s points of view
  • To help students read a payslip
  • To consider the social purposes of taxation and some of the practical ways taxation can be used to promote government policy.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson students should be able to:

  • explain the difference between gross and net pay name different ways in which the government levies taxes
  • name some of the main areas of government spending
  • discuss ways taxation can be used as an instrument of government policy.

Curriculum links


  • 1.2 Rights and responsibilities
  • 2.1 Critical thinking and enquiry
  • 3 Range and content

Economic Well-being and Financial Capability

  • 1.2 Rights and responsibilities
  • 1.4 Economic Understanding
  • 2.2 Key Process - Exploration
  • 3 Range and content


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